Hannah Hughes, Anouk Kruithof, Ben McDonnell, Penelope Umbrico, Ruth van Beek

Copeland Gallery, London

18-20 May 2018

Opening 18 May, 18.00 - late


Concealer presents the work of five contemporary artists working with photography, photo collage and video. Significantly the artists in Concealer seemingly turn their backs on conventional photographic representation and instead choose to explore, create and build new abstract languages and visual systems. The artworks on display either bear little resemblance to our recognisable visual world or actively attempt to obfuscate through different strategies of abstraction. In a time when the potency of the photographic image as a fast, digital carrier of information continues to rise and proliferate, the artworks that form Concealer, drawn from Mexico, America, the Netherlands and the UK, intentionally conceal rather than reveal.

Curated by Tom Lovelace

  Hannah Hughes, Untitled No.62, Flatlands Series, 2017

Hannah Hughes, Untitled No.62, Flatlands Series, 2017